Saturday's Child

Under the ocean, over the moon, going down with the ship, wearing my heart on my sleeve. I live with my head in the clouds.

Getting on the plane in half an hour and I cannot fucking wait to get on. I can’t wait to see my boy :3 
There’s massive list of people I need to see ASAP, you know who you are! ❤️❤️❤️😘💖🇨🇳✈️💺
Goodbye China! I love you xxxxxx

My eyes are saying sleep but my brain is still saying ‘FUCK THAT SHIT!’

I’m really stepping into the unknown tomorrow. I think that’s why I feel like puking.

adelebee asked: Jas Jas come to Sheffield Comic Con if you're free! It's the 30th & 31st August, a weekend thing at the Motorpoint Arena =)

I would love that!!



Deadpool vs Comic-Con 2014 - Video

I love Deadpool at comic cons so much, I really hope someone does Deadpool at the Sheffield comic con that would be brilliant! Kinda hope they do the masquerade/parade thing too, I can just imagine what sort of skit they’d do!

I would love to go to comicon one day! Is probably go as Death from the Sandman series (Neil Gaiman)

adelebee asked: 3, 31, 89 =)

3. Last text is from Oliver (boyfriend) telling me to go to bed :P
31. One thing I would change about my life: I would LOVE to be published already!
89. Do I believe in heaven? Yes actually. I like to believe that one day I’ll see all of my loved ones there. My idea of what it is changes all of the time. I think it’s like a world not too different from our own but people aren’t restricted by a body so they can do what they like.